How can you help?



It is our Volunteers who make our Hangar Holiday possible by contributing countless hours of their time.  In addition to volunteers who volunteer their time during the event, there are several Coordinator positions that are key to running the event.

Coordinator Positions

All Hangar Holiday Coordinators are responsible for attending monthly Hangar Holiday meetings, being present during the show (or designating an appropriate replacement) and reporting expenses for reimbursement by SSC Treasurer.  All Coordinators will be provided with information and guidance from members who have filled these positions in prior years.

Hangar Holiday Coordinator - Tiffany Kelley

Vendor Coordinator - Morgan Ellis

Volunteer Coordinator - Heather Mykes

Hangar Holiday is organized and ran each year by a team of volunteers. We would love to have you join our team. 

Email ssc.hangarholiday@gmail.com for more information

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